Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Are all courses free?

Actually its depends upon courses. some courses will be paid or some free.

How to create a new account?

To create new account please click here

What I do when forget password or account is registered but not verified mobile number?

Either forget password or mobile number is not verified, please click on forget password, then system will send new otp to registered mobile number and verify otp and then change password.

Course purchased successfully but unable to access the course?

When you are sure for successful payment for the course and unable to access course, it means some kind of technical problem, for this situation contact on this number 9557167340 for help.

Does Capscom Technologies Pvt Ltd provide 100% job placement assistance in computer courses?

Yes, we only provide 100% Job Assistance in our computer courses program.

Can computer fees be refunded?

No, once fees deposited, fees are not refundable, please check all the terms conditions before join the computer courses.

Does Capscom Technology provide certificate after doing computer course?

Yes, capscom technology provide the certificate after successful completion of computer course.

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